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19 mars 2024 Discoveries with Dr. Dave: Detecting PFAS in Anti-Fog Solutions with GC-MS

Since the first humans walked the earth, our species has been changing the world. Brilliant minds throughout existence have provided us with life-altering inventions and ideas, like medicines that cure our ailments and lengthen our lives, or technology that connects us in ways we never thought possible. The human mind has thought up some incredible […]

17 novembre 2022 Enhanced GC-MS Workflow Solutions

Join us on Wednesday, November 30 for a trio of short webinars focused on optimizing your GC-MS workflow.

19 mars 2020 Medical Investigation using Breath Analysis and GCxGC-TOFMS: Optimizing Data for Accurate Treatment

Using GC-GC-TOFMS, Jef Focant is able to diagnose the asthma phenotype in patients.

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