LECO News Archive (Elemental Analysis, Separation Science, and Metallography)

NOW AVAILABLE: Our On-Demand e-Seminar on SepScience.com
The recent eSeminar series on SepScience.com covering LECO’s solutions for Food and Environmental Analysis is now available as an on-demand version. The talks feature topics around the challenging field of FOOD analysis as well as the ENVIRONMENTAL analysis of the thousands of chemicals present in our air, land and water supplies. REGISTER FOR THE ON-DEMAND SEMINAR TODAY
Cost Effective Primary Moisture Analysis for Dairy Products
An accurate determination of moisture content in milk products provides important information related to the food quality and safety (texture, taste, microbial stability). Moisture is also a key variable used to calculate a product’s purity, yield, and /or resulting constituent analysis on a dry basis. The TGM800 provides the user with flexible method settings, automation, and hardware capabilities that maximises…
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