Science from Beyond the Grave: a Virtual GC Symposium

Three GC/MS Experts embrace the 'spookier' side of mass spectrometry.

Jane Hill, from the University of British Columbia, brings her expertise on 'omics and medical diagnostics in Disease: Trick or Treat? Metabolomics is changing how we monitor our health

Albert Lebedev, professor at the Faculty of Chemistry at Moscow State University, has suggestions and advice for what to do if you meet a mummy (and happen to have access to mass spectrometry!) in What Mass Spectrometry can tell you about 5000 year old Mummies

Shari Forbes, Director of Canada's Secure Site for Research in Thanatology, will finish the symposium with a look into GCxGC mass spectrometry and the wider range of research and training that can come from Canada's first body farm in Death, Decomposition and Dogs Accéder à cette ressource
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