Anna Karchenko, Head Of Lab
NSPLAV "With LECO CS844 and ONH836 instruments, we can easily test our degassed chrome products and restrict gas-forming impurities to a very low level (~0.0005% ). Reliability of the equipment and the speed of analysis is very important to me because it directly affects shipment of our finished products. A big portion of our products are exported and for as…
Andrea Franciscono
Chemical & Corrosion LaboratoryCogne Acciai Speciali S.P.A. "My company has been using LECO instruments for CSNH analysis since 1973. Thousands and thousands of analyses, through day and night, in a steel shop laboratory… That’s hard work… both for the operator and the analytical equipment. Since 1973 precision and accuracy are still improving! Simply a robust and reliable instrumentation! Simply… LECO!"
Dirk Radermacher, Dipl. Ing.
Elektrowerk Weisweiler GmbH "Even with an increase in the number of analysis per day, turn around times – over the years – could be maintained or even reduced. This was achieved without decreasing of the measurement accuracy and repair-related or maintenance-related shutdowns. In Germany we have a saying that perfectly fits for LECO: The first car sells the sales, the…
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